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Saturday March 3rd, The NO RESERVE Gary Copeland Collection brings to GAA Classic Cars Auction an impressive 15 vehicle collection of 1932 & 1934 Fords.  Most of these vehicles have undergone extensive restorations with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent.  There are two sets of "sister" cars and a couple of very rare beauties.  And there are three oddities if you want to call them that in this collection, a 1930 Huckster Truck, a 1939 Ford Coupe and a 2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with 9 actual miles!  And remember, all being sold with NO RESERVE!

You can view each vehicles by click on the image below or by visiting the search lots and viewing run numbers ST0098 through ST0112  CLICK TO VIEW COLLECTION

Copeland Collection