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    26-28 2018
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    1-3 2018

Per a federal regulation called the OFAC SDN Compliance Regulation GAA is REQUIRED to obtain the social security number of anyone who can not provide us with a dealer number or tax id number. As an "individual" your social security number is REQUIRED in order to bid or sell here at GAA Classic Cars.

Bidder Forms Pkt

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Printable Forms

IF you prefer to print forms to be mailed, you can utilize the forms/packets below.
ONSITE Bidder Registration Form MARCH 2017 
Bank Letter
this is a sample letter you can take to your bank to better explain what you need in order to register to bid.
General Bidder Rules GAA's General Bidder rules. Please read before attending the sale.
General Information and Deadlines MARCH 2017 Information regarding badges, dining options, fees and much more.