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  • FEBRUARY 23-25 | MARCH 30-APRIL 1


GAA Classic Cars offers consignors/sellers a beautiful dedicated facility, a growing buyer base and one on one customer care.  Below is important information on selling a vehicle at GAA Classic Cars.





Please review the Terms & Conditions prior to submitting your vehicle for auction. To submit a vehicle online for the upcoming auction simply click on the "Seller Forms" tab on the left or CLICK HERE.  

(IMPORTANT: Online Seller Forms will not process on Internet Explorer.  Please use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to complete the forms)




The Consignor Forms Packet above (blue link) includes forms you can print and complete then email, fax or mail directly to GAA Classic Cars to enter your vehicle into the sale.


  1. In order to obtain a spot in our upcoming auction you must complete a consignor contract for each vehicle (electronic or printable version), provide a full description of the vehicle(s), provide a clear copy of the front and back of the title, and provide pictures of the vehicle and VIN/Serial Number Tag.  Until the auction receives all necessary items entry will not be considered. 
  2. The VIN/Serial Number on the title must match the primary VIN tag on the vehicle and the owner on the title must match the seller on the consignor contract.  (Dealer reassignments are acceptable, but the title must be in your name on the front if you are not a registered dealer.)
  3. If the vehicle is described as matching numbers, the appropriate form must be completed by the seller.  Any mention of documentation for a vehicle must be confirmed by the seller by providing photos of said documentation.  Vehicles listed as Actual or Original Miles must have a title branded with actual miles.
  4. Entry fee must be paid in full in order to lock in a spot.  Entry fees are non-refundable beginning 30 days prior to the sale.
  5. A fee equaling half of the entry fee paid will be charged to every vehicle that is changed beginning 30 days prior to the sale.
  6. All vehicles submitted for consignment are considered by GAA and must be approved before receiving a spot in the auction.  Acceptance and placement of any non-classic vehicles (newer than 20 years) may be subject to a waiting period and may not be placed during "prime" times.
  7. All vehicles valued at or under $15,000 must run No Reserve/Absolute.  
  8. All vehicles have the opportunity to be included in all marketing materials that are generated but are not guaranteed to be profiled or utilized.
  9. Sellers Fees: 8% of vehicle selling price on all vehicles over $10,000.  $800 minimum seller's fee on vehicles $10,000 and under.  All mini bikes will be charged a 15% seller's fee with a max fee of $800.
  10. One bidder badge and one guest badge will automatically be issued to each consignor.  Badges include entry for all days of the sale, access to the seating area and drink tickets for each day.

For further information please review our Terms & Conditions

If you have additional questions you are welcome to contact a Classic Car Team Member at info@gaaclassiccars.com or 855-862-2257.