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Lot # ST0161

1940 Ford


March 1-3, 2018 Spring Sale
Run Day:
Body Color
Interior Color
Body Style

Frame Off Rotisserie Restoration

Vehicle Highlights
  • Georgia Registration Only
  • 3 Speed Manual Transmission
  • “Fingertip” Column Gear Shift
  • “Three Can Now Ride Up Front”
  • Columbia Two-Speed Rear End
  • Improved Touring Speeds at Lower RPM's
  • Improved Gas Mileage
  • Two Tone Dashboard
  • Maroon and Beige
  • Full Instrumentation
  • Battery Oil Pressure, Temp, Fuel
  • Clock
  • Delux Roto-Matic Radio
  • Five Pre-Selected Stations can be tuned in Automatically with only One Button
  • Centered Antenna
  • Parallels Windshield
  • Adjustable from within the passenger cab
  • Fog-Road Lamps
  • “Amber Lens to Cut Through Rain, Snow, & Fog”
  • Front License Plate Frame
  • Bumper Center Guard
  • “Protects grille from other cars' bumpers”
  • Front & Rear Bumper End Guards
  • “Attractive, Harmonizing caps to Protect Fenders”
  • Vent Windows
  • Improved Ventilation and Defrost
  • Cowl Ventilation Air Scoop
  • Steering and Ignition Lock
  • Cigar Lighter
  • Locking Glove Compartment
  • Manual Choke
  • Throttle
  • Cruise Control
  • Automatic Convertible Top
  • Operated by 2 Vacuum Cylinders
  • Haartz Cloth Canvas Top and Snap On Boot
  • Glass Rear Window with Chrome Frame
  • Dual Chrome Side View Mirrors
  • Locking “Ford” Scripted Gas Cap
  • Wide Whitewall Radial Tires (5)
  • Coker Classics
  • 600 X 16
  • “Ford” Scripted Hubcaps
  • Wheel Beauty Rings
  • Beautiful Tan Leather Interior
  • Tan Carpeted Rear Passenger Floor
  • V-8 Flathead Engine
  • 85 Horsepower
  • 221 Cubic Inches
  • 3.06 Bore
  • 3.75 Stroke
  • Four Wheel Hydraulically Actuated Braking System
  • 112” Wheelbase
  • Live Axle Suspension with Transverse Leaf Springs
  • Original Owner Reference Book
  • Various Dealer Promotional Literature
  • Original 7 Piece Tool Set and Jack
  • Show Quality Engine Compartment & Undercarriage

The 1940 Fords introduced several new features and one of the most distinctive designs of the prewar era with style and flair that has made the 1940 Ford a favorite of collectors, street rodders and customizers for generations. Technically, one of the significant changes was moving the gearshift from the floor to the steering column, a modern feature that was not only more convenient for the driver but also increased front seat legroom for passengers.
Ford also introduced sealed beam headlights in 1940, finally eliminating the persistent problem of moisture degrading the reflectivity of headlights, which relied on separate bulbs. The sealed beams sat at the front of the fenders in oval chrome housings that also incorporated the parking lights, merging earlier Fords' covered headlight treatment with the improved efficiency and durability of the sealed beam bulbs.
The single element vee grille of 1939 was broadened for better cooling with separate grille elements located on each side of the center grille, a sharp and distinctive visual identification feature. Inside the 1940 Fords, the wood-grained dashboards that Ford had used for years were replaced by a modern dashboard in maroon and beige that employed rectangular forms for the instrument panel and the radio and large speaker, which were now a common feature. Bob Gregorie's two-spoke steering wheel, which had earned high praise and acceptance in the 1939 Mercury, now found its way into the Ford, rendered in maroon and beige plastic to blend with the new dashboard design.
Interestingly, it is the 1940 Ford that is closely associated with bootleggers in the period. The motors were happy in their day and plenty of speed equipment was available to push them faster. With beefed
up rear suspension it was difficult for the law to spot a car loaded down with a fresh batch of white lightning. If the police gave chase, the little flatheads gave the moonshiner a good chance of outrunning his pursuers. This culture of speeding around in hopped up Fords gave way to circle track racing in the 1950s and ultimately formed the basis for modern NASCAR.
Finished in Stunning Garnet Maroon with Tan Leather Interior and Tan Top, this Magnificent, Documented CA. Estate, (1) Owner Classic underwent a Total Frame Off Rotisserie, Every Nut & Bolt, Award Winning Restoration, including Exterior, Interior, Top, Mechanics, and Brightwork.