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Lot # TH0073

1983 Dodge

Shelby Charger

March 1-3, 2018 Spring Sale
Run Day:
Shelby Charger
Body Color
Interior Color
Engine Type

* Per Title Mileage Exempt / Per Owner 8,005-mile survivor

Vehicle Highlights
  • Per Title Mileage Exempt / Per Owner 8,005-mile survivor
  • Rhode Island Registration Only
  • 2.2 liter Shelby Tuned 4-Cylinder
  • A525 5-Speed Manual Transaxle
  • Special Sports Suspension
  • Power Rack-and-Pinion Steering
  • Power front disc and rear drum brakes
  • 15-inch 'pizza' wheels
  • Sante Fe Blue and Radiant Silver paint
  • AM/FM stereo

By 1983, the Belvedere-built Charger had become an established player in America's re-invigorated compact car market. Eccentric gearheads knew if you wanted to look cool, you bought an L-Body. And if you wanted to look cool and go fast, you bought a Shelby L-Body. Averaging just over 240 miles per year, this pint-size MoPar appears to have rarely seen anything other than sunshine and warm summer days. In fact, the first 7,900 miles of its life was under the meticulous care of its original owner in their first 3 years of ownership. In 1986, the Shelby Charger was stowed away in a barn for long-term storage. 2005 is when this Mopar would see sunlight again when the original owner decided to post it up for sale. The second owner was quick to make a deal and towed the car home where he got it back to the mechanical condition it was in 19 years prior. And with the help of some NOS parts sourcing by the second owner, this spry sports coupe is still a true head turner everywhere it goes! In their effort to improve the Charger, Shelby and Chrysler did not overlook the car's mechanicals. Consequently, it develops 13 more horsepower and 10 more lb./ft. of torque than the standard Omni mill. These enhancements, plus a lower final drive ratio, make the car a tick quicker than the standard Charger and its early '80s competition. Specifically, the Shelby has a 0 to 60 time of 10 seconds flat and a 117MPH top speed. Shelby Chargers came standard with an A525 5-speed that feeds the front wheels. Holding that tossable drivetrain off the ground is an original Special Sports Suspension that utilizes shorter springs, stiffer shocks and correct power front disc and rear drum brakes to both lower the car and improve already responsive handling. And, at the corners of that chassis, original 'pizza' wheels spin original 195/50/HR15 Goodyear Eagle GTs around locking lug nuts. If you're an enthusiast who likes to put their hardware on the road, few classics deliver this blend of exclusivity and practicality.