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Lot # ST0071

1967 GMC


VIN: CS1570DPC9205A
2021 February
Run Day:
Body Color
Interior Color
Body Style
Pickup Truck

Previously Owned By The King Of Rock-N-Roll Elvis Presley

Vehicle Highlights
  • Previously Owned By The King Of Rock-N-Roll Elvis Presley
  • Dash Signed By Celebrities Jay Leno & Blake Shelton
  • 1/2 Ton
  • Standard Cab Pickup
  • Per Title Mileage Exempt / Owner States 83K Miles
  • Inline 6 Cylinder Engine
  • Manual Transmission
  • RWD

History From Current Owner:

Wednesday February 8, 1967 Elvis Presley purchased three new 1967 GMC Pickup Trucks for the Circle G Ranch in Mississippi from Guy Caldwell Motors in Senatobia, Mississippi. One was Red, one was Blue and the last, this truck, was Green. This is documented in the book "Hurry Home Elvis", which is a collection of excerpts from the diaries of Donna Lewis, the daughter of the Circle G Forman, George Lewis. (Copy of the Book is included in the sale of the truck). March 5, 1968, Vernon Presley signs a bill of sale to sell the truck to Haynes Motors, LTD in Maryland. Vernon had a power of attorney to handle such things, a copy of which is included with the sale of the truck. Also included is a COPY of the above mentioned bill of sale along with a copy of the title application stating that Haynes purchased the truck from Elvis Presley. Elvis had sent some Circle G employees out of state to pick up a horse he had bought. While in route to pick up the horse there was trouble with the truck so Elvis had them trade it in on a new one so they could get the horse. From there the chain of title gets a little tougher to follow. The consensus is that the head mechanic at the auto dealership purchased the truck from his employer, repaired it and used it for a few years. From there the truck ended up in Pensacola, Florida owned by a Mr. Richards. Then, in 1986 the truck was purchased by a family for use in an Elvis Presley Museum. The truck has been on display in Niagara Falls, Canada, Virginia Beach, VA, Myrtle Beach, SC, Gatlinburg, TN and Pigeon Forge, TN. About 4 years ago the family transported the Pickup from the Pigeon Forge Museum to Georgia and started restoring the truck. This truck is a truly rare piece of Elvis Presley history. While it is possible to find and purchase an Elvis Caddy or Lincoln it is rare to run across another Elvis Truck.
Professional, frame on restoration of a solid original truck. The bed was removed for the restoration but the cab was not. Engine was removed and detailed but to the best of my knowledge it has never been rebuilt. Truck runs and drives very, very well. While working on the paint, we discovered a few different colors so I feel the truck has had about 3 paint jobs prior. Original Green, then to red, then back to green (poor quality paint) then this last high quality paint job that it has now. Too many new parts to list with a large portion original parts boxed up and ready to go to the trucks new owner. Once again, truck is straight and rust free with a VIN that decodes correctly.
While Elvis purchased many vehicles over the years it is thought that he only purchased seven trucks for the Circle G Ranch in his lifetime, the whereabouts of only five are known. This particular truck is thought to be the only 1967 GMC that is known to have survived and been documented.
Gasoline11/2 Ton 57115" Short bed OO/D Wide side P Pontiac Assembly Plant C 19679205 Serial Number A Under 6000 GVW