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  • July 21 - 23, 2022
Lot # TH0113.4

1965 Jeep

Wagoneer Kaiser FSJ

VIN: 141436329
2022 February
Run Day:
Body Color
Interior Color
Body Style
Station Wagon

4x4 / Always Garage Kept

Vehicle Highlights
  • Purchased New at: Penn Mar Motor Co. 8 National Highway, LaVale, Maryland 21502 / Original Owner: Elwood McClellan Korns, RT 1 Box 132, Cumberland (LaVale) Maryland / AKA Just 2 Miles From the Dealership
  • Vehicle was Always Garage Kept Since New
  • Mr. Korns Pass Away in the Late 1980's and Left this Wagoneer to His Neighbors That Were Like Family (Cynthia Mealy) with 37K Actual Miles. Cynthia Titled the Vehicle but Never had the Carb Cleaned, Old Gas Drained, Brakes Done, and Other Minor Repairs to Make it Roadworthy. She Thought Her Son Would Take it and Put it on the Road One Day. The Vehicle Sat in Her Garage Until Purchased in Jan 2021
  • The Following is a List of Repairs that were Done to Make it Roadworthy and Safe: Drained Fuel System, Flushed and Rebuilt Carburetor / Drained Cooling System, Flush and Replaced All Hoses and Belts / Changed Engine Oil and Filter, Cleaned and Honed Wheel Cylinders, Flush Brake System, and Replace Hoses / Replace Points, Condenser, and Replace Plugs on Ignition / Cleaned Engine Bay / 5 New Tires June 2021 / Replaced Leaking Clutch Master Cylinder (Purchased 2 in Case of Brake Master Cylinder Failing in the Future (Included in the Sale) / New Die Hard Gold Battery / All Original-No Restoration Whatsoever
  • Have Original Window Sticker, Original Owners Manual, 2 Sets of Original Jeep Keys with Penn Mar Motor's Original Leather Key Pouch
  • Dealers 4x4 Info Sleeve Left on Drivers Sun Visor
  • Original Window Sticker Shows 4 Options: Oil Bath Air Cleaner / Fresh Air Heater and Defroster / Electric 2 Speed Windshield Washers and Wipers / 10 1/2" Clutch
  • The Dealer Did Apply to all of Their Vehicles, the Undercoating Protection by "Quaker State". It was Called "Metal Guard" (Can Be Seen Oozing Between the Fenders. The Owner Later Added Front Seats Belts Only as an Option, Because He Never Married and Had No Children
  • Wagoneer Models Were Produced from 1963-1991
  • This Model, Manual Transmission "3 On The Tree"
  • 1963 to Early 65's Still Had "Rhino" Vertical Grill, Mid 65's Went to Horizontal Grill. The Early 65's Was the Last of the Kaiser 230 133hp "Tornado" Straight 6, SOHC. After Mid 65, the Engine Changed to AMC 232. This Model was the 3rd Year of the Beginning and Birth of What Was and Is Today Called the "SUV"
  • Owner Has Left it Original and That's Why They Did Not Rechrome the Front Bumper or Replaced the Driver's Armrest